For Tanti Creek and other Creek Volunteers

Wastewater Management Officer
The Mornington Peninsula Shire has a Management Officer to deal with issues of Waste Water which can end up in creeks such as Tanti Creek.
Nicole Dwyer is the Wastewater Management Officer.
Nicole’s telephone number is 5950 1000.

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Fish Survey Report : Tanti Creek. From Marty Lenard.

Hi Everyone,

Please find attached a fish survey report from Streamline Research. The survey was kindly funded by Australian Unity Healthcare Property Trust (owner of the Beleura Private Hospital – refer attached press release for background).

My take on the key outcomes are as follows:

1. Good News: despite our concerns about on-going erosion and siltation impacts on Tanti Creek (refer to original press release), we have not lost any of the previously recorded species. Streamline Research concluded that anecdotal evidence of diminishing fish populations is most likely due to limited “invitation” flows of water during the past couple of spring migratory periods (all the recorded native species are migratory and need higher flows of water to get upstream from the bay past in-stream barriers).
Take Out: If “invitation” flows are becoming more erratic we may need to remove some of the remaining in-stream barriers so fish can migrate during smaller rain events. It may be no coincidence that the school of young Common Galaxia caught at Marchington bridge was immediately downstream of a barrier.

2. Not So Good News: a feral fish species – Eastern gambusia – was recorded in Tanti Creek for the first time. Gambusia was introduced to Australia in 1925 to control mosquitoes. But they are aggressive predators, prolific breeders and have a high tolerance for poor water quality. There are minimal effective control options. The best approach is to ensure a healthy creek habitat so native fish can be more resilient against the impacts of Gambusia.
Take-out: Peninsula residents must ensure no alien fish are released into local waterways
3. Bad News: Streamline Research elected not to sample one site (in the headwaters of the creek) due to water contamination (refer to photo in report). The pollution was coming from the Tanti Creek stormwater pipe that drains water from the light industrial/commercial area between Watts Rd and the Mornington-Tyabb Rd.
Take-out: households and businesses must take all precautions to ensure polluted water does not enter our stormwater system. Streamline Research advised that one bad pollution event can wipe out the entire fish population in a creek.
I’ve also attached a copy of a brochure on Eastern Gambusia for your information.

Now when you see a fish in the creek you will be able to identify it! A tip: the Eastern Gambusia often hang around at the surface looking like tadpoles!




Link for Media Release Proposed Kaufland Development at Bata Site Mornington. Please See P.12 of the Mornington News newspaper !

If you are concerned about this development please contact your local MP or go to
Mornington Peninsula Shire Website for information on how to write an objection.
Panel members of the Advisory Committee: (cvs. Available on line)
Kathy Mitchell (Chair) ;Rodger Eade (Deputy Chair); William O’Neil (Deputy Chair);
Suzanne Barker; Kate Partenio
This information is on the site.
Re 1158 Nepean Highway, Mornington
Exhibition details will be made available soon.
Directions Hearing
The purpose of the Directions Hearing is to:
consider any preliminary or procedural issues and give directions about the conduct of the Hearing including the exchange of any expert witness reports
make arrangements for the Hearing, including the Timetable and Hearing venue
answer any questions people may have about the Hearing.
Public Hearing
A Public Hearing will be held to provide the opportunity to parties that have lodged a submission to make a more detailed submission to the Advisory Committee. Hearing dates are to be confirmed.
The Advisory Committee is required to submit its report/s in writing to the Minister for planning as soon as practicable but no later than 20 business days from the completion of its Public Hearing.
Let the state government know what you think via email

Submissions and Viewing of Green Wedge Management Plan

Council has prepared the draft  Green Wedge Management Plan 2018 ,which identifies a long-term vision, objectives and actions for the sustainable use and development of the Mornington Peninsula’s rural Green Wedge

The draft Plan is now on public exhibition and Council is inviting submissions for agencies and the community. The draft Plan can be viewed online at :

or viewed at the Shire offices: Mornington, Hastings, Rosebud and Somerville

The period for submissions closes at 5 pm, Friday 3 August 2018.

Submissions may be made:

Online ( using an online form) at  ; or

By Email: ; or

By post:

Attention: Allan Cowley

Re: Green Wedge Management Plan Mornington Peninsula Shire

Private Bag 1000,

Rosebud, Victoria, 3939

Please note that, unless marked Confidential, submissions may be made public and form part of the public record, for more information visit:

For further information please contact the Shire’s Planning Support team  by email via or phone  5950 1010.

You also are welcome to attend drop-in information sessions:

Tuesday 10 July

2 – 4pm & 6 – 7.30pm Mornington Library, Vancouver Street

Thursday 12 July

2 – 4pm & 6 – 7.30pm Hastings Community Hub, 1973 Frankston- Flinders Road

Wednesday 18 July

2 – 4pm & 6 – 7.30pm Main Ridge Community Hall, Main Creek Road


Ban The Bag – Send an Email to Your Local MP

Following the Meeting of Environment Ministers on 28th July 2017, we failed to see a national-scale announcement of a ban on lightweight bags, as NSW blocked any advance. But we are still moving forwards.

There was some state progress and we know that Victoria and Western Australia are still considering a ban and working towards new policies. Of course major retailers have also committed to phase out the bag, but this won’t cover all outlets, still leaving millions of bags polluting the environment. The National Retailers Association supported the call for state laws to cover all stores – so it’s now up to the politicians.

To continue the fight for our oceans we are asking you to send an email to your local MP asking them to increase the pressure on their Premier in WA, NSW and Victoria to introduce legislation to protect our oceans.

All you have to do is type in your postcode and your details and the form will automatically update the template – or feel free to add your own personal touch to your letter.

Help introduce solutions to plastic pollution by sending an email to your local MP.

There really is no excuse for inaction. It’s well and truly time to #BanTheBag across Australia once and for all!

Thank you for all that you do,

Jeff Angel and the Boomerang Alliance Team.

Boomerang Alliance