Strattons Lane Update

Strattons Lane Project
Stratton’s Lane is a well used path between Herbert St and Tanti Ave that provides access across Tanti Creek.
This project involves planting out portions of the lawn along the lane with native grasses and forbs.  This will improve the appearance of the lane and may also act as an anti-graffiti measure.  Mulch has been delivered on the Herbert St side.  Mulching and planting will be undertaken as soon as Covid-19 measures allow.
strat lane 0
strat lane 1
strat lane 2

Our Aims


  • To work to protect and enhance both the natural and built environment of the local area and to preserve the essential seaside character of Mornington, including flora, fauna, the foreshore, public and private land, and the seabed.
  • To ensure that alterations to the environment protect natural systems.
  • Where appropriate, to work to support, oppose, or amend development proposals that impact on the natural or human environment.
  • To cooperate with other organizations with similar goals.

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