Balloon Ban : Win for wildlife

Balloon Ban : Win for wildlife

30 July 2021

Environmental groups are applauding the ban by the Environment Protection Authority ( EPA ) which has made it illegal to release helium balloons in Victoria with fines of $991 for individuals, $4956 for companies.

The Mornington Environment Association President, Margaret Howden, reports ” Balloon debris is constantly being collected by members.  It is a win for wildlife. ”

Balloons are the deadliest form of litter for seabirds, when swallowed.  ( CSIRO 2019 )

Helium balloons released into the environment come back to earth as litter.  Turtles, shearwaters, albatross, platypus and farm animals have died due to mistaking balloons for food, or becoming entangled in ribbons or choking on plastic attachment clips.