Friends of Pine Avenue Reserve

This is a newly formed group.

Working Bees are held 9 – 11 on the third Friday of the month.

Contact : Meg Caldwell ;

News from Saturday May 20…

Once again to all the volunteers who helped us today at the Pine ave dog park a big thankyou . We estimate that we shifted approx. 20 meters ( 2 very large piles ) of gorgeous tan bark . We also weeded certain areas and it certainly looks amazing . Aimee and Callum positioned large logs as well , hopefully they offer protection for our plants plus habitat for insects and smaller animals and also giving the dogs something to jump over .
We are still on coarse for the fencing around the frog pond which currently homes 2 species of frog 1- Litoria ewingii ( common tree frog ) 2- Crinia Signifera ( common froglet ) , in spring there is the potential for other species too .
We always have plenty of encouraging comments about our work and Aimee put up a sign today so maybe that will encourage more volunteers.
Just a note for your calendar – July 28th is national tree day BUT we will be holding it the week before 21st July which is our normal working b day , we hope to have participation from the kindergarten and should be a fun morning with the children planting as well . More on that later .
Thankyou once again we achieved a lot today .
Kind regards
Catherine and Meg

Catherine Warters