Mornington Railway Reserve Friends

Mornington Railway Reserve Friends

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Jake Hartley 0413 339 005
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Please note that on Saturday 2nd November, by agreement of those present at the working bee on that day, the name of the Friends of the Snow Gums group was changed to Friends of Mornington Railway Reserve.

Those present were:
Jeff Yugovic, Russell Mawson, Kylie Robertson, Emma Edwards, Robert Baines, Jake Hartley, Milly Street, Lydia Street, Cathy Dowling, Joe Kovac, Suzanne Bouma, Charlie Clarke

While we do not yet have defined aims, they might include:

§To work with the MRPS to protect, preserve and enhance both the natural and built environment of the railway reserve, including flora, fauna, waterways and railway infrastructure.
§ To cooperate with other organisations involved with the railway reserve.
§ To ensure that alterations to the environment protect natural systems.
§ Where appropriate, to work to support, oppose, or amend development proposals that impact on the natural or human environment.

Tasks that the friends group might undertake in cooperation with the MRPS:
§ Develop a management plan for the railway reserve vegetation
§ Apply for joint funding for the activities undertaken
§ Monitor spread or otherwise of weeds and indigenous vegetation over a period of time
§ Control or eradication of weeds to improve the amenity of the reserve
§ Control or eradication of weeds to preserve and expand indigenous vegetation
§ Prepare submissions about development proposals that impact on the natural or human environment. eg walking/bike trail.
§ Clear litter and rubbish
§ Indigenous plantings in highly degraded areas