Greenfleet 2023  Impact Report

Greenfleet 2023 Impact Report

From Greenfleet (1/2/24)..

Greenfleet’s 2023 Impact Report

In 2023, Greenfleet continued our focus on delivering climate action by removing carbon, restoring nature, and advancing Reconciliation. Thanks to you, it was our biggest year for climate action yet. 

The legally protected forests we restored will remove 513,887 tonnes of carbon over their lifetime. This equates to removing around 120,000 average cars from Australia’s roads for a whole year or sequestering the emissions of 34,000 Australian households.

Greenfleet’s 2023 Impact Report demonstrates our extensive climate action and thanks to you, we had our biggest year yet. We look forward to making even more of an impact over the coming years.

Thank you for your support. Together, we are growing our forests and growing climate hope.


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