Help Save The Western Port Woodlands

Help Save The Western Port Woodlands

From the Victorian National Parks Association (18/1/24)...

Help Save The Western Port Woodlands

The Western Port Woodlands is a spectacular patchwork of sandy coastal forest. It’s home to some of Victoria’s most endangered wildlife.
Despite the odds, the Woodlands survived colonisation, while the surrounding landscape was stripped, burnt and ploughed.

But the surviving pieces are being chipped away. Sand mining, land clearing, housing developments, climate change and invasive pests continue to damage this special place.

The Holden Proving Ground is an important piece of the Western Port Woodlands puzzle. It connects surrounding bushland, providing a pathway for animals to move through the landscape.

But now the Proving Ground is up for sale – its future is uncertain.

But the Proving Ground isn’t just a bridge connecting patches of bushland together. It’s also fantastic forest in its own right. It’s important habitat for many animals that live in Western Port Woodlands, like threatened Powerful Owls, Swift Parrots and Lace Monitors.

Together with local group Save the Western Port Woodlands we commissioned a report, to find out what’s at risk and what we need to do to save it.

Our report found the Woodlands harbour incredible remnant forest, uncommon orchids and elusive animals that depend on the corridor for habitat.

And the Proving Ground is a vital part of that corridor.

We’re calling on the state government to purchase the Proving Ground to protect it forever.

This might seem like déjà vu, and it is.

We sent you a similar email just over two years ago, last time the Proving Grounds were for sale.

The victorian government have a second chance to protect this important patch of forest.

Even if you sent a message to the minister last time, send another! It’s a new minister and a new opportunity to protect this important piece of the puzzle forever.

Matt, Jordan and the team at Victorian National Parks Association

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