Introduced Bird Pest

Introduced Bird Pest

The Indian Myna (left in photo) actively compete and displace native Australian bird species e.g. Native, noisy Minor (right in photo).   They may appear similar as both species have similar yellow similar patches behind their eyes.  They can be differentiated because the pest, Indian Myna has

  • large white wing patches in flight  and
  • long yellow legs
  • black head and brown body

The native, Noisy Minor has a mostly grey body with black crown and cheeks.

The species are not related.

The native birds are honeyeaters; they primarily eat nectar, fruit and insects.

The introduced Indian Mynas take over the nesting hollows of native birds , prey on nestlings and endangered lizards and reduce local biodiversity.

They were introduced in 1883 to Queensland to combat plague locusts and cane beetles.

The native, noisy minors are curious, highly social and usually feed in large groups.

To discourage Indian Mynas –

PLANT lots of local indigenous trees and shrubs without too much open space. Indian Mynas prefer open spaces.

DO NOT plant tall, thin trees with dense foliage such as pencil pines or palm trees.. These are Indian Mynas favourite nesting sites.

Please click for links to relevant brochure – birds 1, birds 2 – outlining differences and strategies for control.