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Mornington Peninsula Zero Waste Newsletter 

Hi Everyone

Welcome to the first edition of the Mornington Peninsula Zero Waste Newsletter for 2024.


We have started the New Year with the addition of the following clients:

As has been the case to date, our ability to combine complimentary organic waste streams from the same or similar location (such as Herbaceous and Butterken, which are next door to each other in Mt Eliza) will be a key driver of the success of the network moving forward.

I will be working closely with recipients to spread the word via social media, in order to ensure that all participants receive the credit they deserve.

Container Deposit Scheme

Since the scheme launched in November we have processed tens of thousands of eligible items, and this stream will continue to be a focus going into 2024.

2024 Targets

My personal goal for 2024 is to welcome at least 50 additional hospitality and leisure businesses during the course of the year, and to expand recipient capacity accordingly.

Feel free to pass on my details to any individual or business that you think might be interested.



PS:  Many thanks to Darcy Neave for his assistance over the last few weeks, and looking forward to his continued involvement as we ramp things up.

0402 117 935

Diverting just 50 kg of food waste from landfill is the equivalent of a 60 litre tank of fuel.


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