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3 December 2018

Link for Media Release Proposed Kaufland Development at Bata Site Mornington. Please See P.12 of the Mornington News newspaper !

If you are concerned about this development please contact your local MP or go to
Mornington Peninsula Shire Website for information on how to write an objection.
Panel members of the Advisory Committee: (cvs. Available on line)
Kathy Mitchell (Chair) ;Rodger Eade (Deputy Chair); William O’Neil (Deputy Chair);
Suzanne Barker; Kate Partenio
This information is on the site.
Re 1158 Nepean Highway, Mornington
Exhibition details will be made available soon.
Directions Hearing
The purpose of the Directions Hearing is to:
consider any preliminary or procedural issues and give directions about the conduct of the Hearing including the exchange of any expert witness reports
make arrangements for the Hearing, including the Timetable and Hearing venue
answer any questions people may have about the Hearing.
Public Hearing
A Public Hearing will be held to provide the opportunity to parties that have lodged a submission to make a more detailed submission to the Advisory Committee. Hearing dates are to be confirmed.
The Advisory Committee is required to submit its report/s in writing to the Minister for planning as soon as practicable but no later than 20 business days from the completion of its Public Hearing.
Let the state government know what you think via email

PRESS RELEASE December 2014


Mornington Library’s meeting room was filled to overflowing on 2 December when local residents, walkers, tourists, Shire officers and Councillors and re-elected David Morris MP, met to discuss the collapsing and dangerous cliff path linking Beleura Hill and Mills Beach.
Jan Oliver, President of Mornington Environment Association and a member of Mornington Foreshore Advisory Group said later
“Councillor Anne Shaw, together with Mayor Bev Colomb and Briars Councillor Andrew Dixon, managed to control what could have been some unpleasant exchanges.
Residents of houses along Kalimna Drive and other locals who have been walking the cliff path for more than 65 years know perfectly well what is causing the cliff to collapse. Several residents drew on experiences with the geology of the cliff (the Selwyn earthquake zone runs through its base). Stormwater and hoses are pouring water down the cliff. Pipes lead into pits, which overflow. Boulders fall down and complaints are not being dealt with. Some residents questioned why the Shire has allowed large houses to be built overhanging the cliff, and with inadequate drainage plans.
Shire Engineer John Ault-Connell explained he has spent over 10 years dealing with drainage, back-washing of pools and speaking with residents and path walkers. Drains are the responsibility of the owners, and obviously, some are ignoring what happens. Peter Nicholson, resident, stated there appeared to be no Shire plan of the drains, that no young trees were growing to hold the rock and slips were increasing”.
“Under increasing pressure, the Shire has commissioned yet another group of consultants (GHD) who have come up with some proposals. These included stairs being built on each side of the current large slip with bridges (which would have to be helicopted in)”. This naturally caused mirth. “A revetment wall – even of sandbags, could be built up from the shore, or retaining walls built with anchors. Soil testing is now underway to check if parts of the weathered granite can be anchored. But these are short term fixes.
As David Morris pointed out, and Council officers (including Alan Cowley Coastal Manager, and new Coastal Planner Neil Daykin) agreed, the underlying problems have to be fixed. Legal options are available, and the Shire does have power to intervene. So why aren’t these being used?”
Many in the room felt the Shire should take the options available. Leigh Hale, the original consultant who prepared detailed plans in 2003, also said the Shire could recover costs through a special charge and that owners have to check drainage.
Councillor Shaw reassured the meeting that suggestions will take time to implement. The meeting demanded fast action, and Anne Shaw stated that Councillors will report back early in 2015. Councillor Bev Colomb asked that those interested could join a group to work with the Shire and all will be contacted.
It was interesting to hear the comments afterwards, and we in MEA and the Foreshore Advisory Group will watch with keen interest. There was certainly a lot of passion in the room!”

PRESS RELEASE December 2014


At the Council meeting in Mt Eliza on Monday 24 November, the Shire approved the final report from the Harbour Precinct Stakeholder Group, which recommended no further major infrastructure in Mornington Harbour.

Jan Oliver, President of Mornington Environment Association (MEA), and member of the Stakeholder Group said today >>>

“We are thrilled that the Group recommendations have been accepted by Council. This means the harbour waters and Mothers Beach are protected for everyone to use.
Essential maintenance only on the boating ramp and jetties will be done.
Council has also voted to pay $250 000 to cover part costs of the improvements to the Pier Precinct (mostly done by Parks Victoria) and address some of the parking pressures at the Harbour.

After years of inquiries, the Panel Hearing and work by the Stakeholder Group, we now have a harbour area that will meet the needs of many in the community.

We congratulate all members of the Stakeholder Group (which included the Yacht Club, Parks Victoria, commercial users, government officers and community members) and the Shire officers who have managed to work together and develop a workable plan for the harbour, the pier and its surrounds.”