What’s New !

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#  Community pushback against renewable energy projects 

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#  The government will underwrite risky investments in renewables 

#  If we do it right we can replant trees and shrubs to store carbon – and restore biodiversity

#  Plants can absorb more carbon dioxide than we thought 

#  New climate models are a breakthrough in understanding Australia’s future 

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#  Fire is consuming more than ever of the worlds forests threatening supplies of wood and paper

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# New calculator helps motorists weigh up costs of  driving an electric vehicle 

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#  Green hydrogen an emerging opportunity for regions 

#  The markets decided say climate, energy leaders

#  While the world burns govts continue planning fossil fuel use 

#  Opportunity to give Shire feedback on planning issues

#  Unwrapping plastic use in Australian supermarkets 

#  DEECA November Newsletter for Environmental Volunteers and Landcarers