Mornington Peninsula Zero Waste – December Quarter Newsletter

Mornington Peninsula Zero Waste – December Quarter Newsletter

The December Quarter of the Mornington Peninsula Zero Waste Newsletter has arrived. It’s good to see how this organisation continues to extend its services and has big plans for improving them…


Until we figure out a way to deal with waste more seriously, it’s something we are going to have to pay for.

Peter Anderson, CEO, Victorian Waste Management Association, 18th September ’23


Hi Everyone

Welcome to the December Quarter edition of the Mornington Peninsula Zero Waste Newsletter.


As a result of new services to clients including The Winey Cow and Blue Mini Cafe, the volume of food waste being processed has doubled since the last Newsletter.

Across the network we are diverting approximately ten cubic metres of organic waste from landfill each month, and have participation from enough green wedge properties (in terms of composting) to double that number again.

Container Deposit Scheme

As of 1 November we will have active collections in place with the following hospitality and leisure businesses:

  • Mornington Indoor Sports
  • The Winey Cow
  • Kidzshed
  • Via Boffe
  • Blue Mini Cafe
  • Steamin Mugs
  • Gravity Zone
  • Betty’s Burgers

This pick up service is free (subject to contamination being managed effectively) as it is underwritten by the CDS itself.

(Queensland recently announced the expansion of their scheme to include wine and spirit bottles, and similar moves can be expected here in due course).


With this momentum I am now investigating avenues to both expand the network and make it more efficient / scalable including:

  • QR codes on bins to streamline collections and billing
  • Integration of a micro-payments platform
  • Providing logistics support to Peninsula farmers (ie combining an organic waste drop off with a pick up of produce, to be distributed back to hospitality businesses either directly or via a wholesaler)
  • Generating carbon credits as an additional source of revenue
  • A software application to co-ordinate all of the above


For decades our waste has been sent to landfill at minimal expense and (in many cases) even less consideration of the environmental consequences.

That cocktail of economics and ecology has not aged well.

Costs are continuing to rise, with the State Government’s landfill levy having doubled in the last three years, while fuel surcharges have become commonplace (neither of which are applicable to Mornington Peninsula Zero Waste, as we are fully electric).

At the same time – as this recent article illustrates – the methane emissions from landfill (which are 80 times more potent than CO2 over a 20-year period) are contributing to rising global temperatures.



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