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MEA Objectives are:

  • Work to protect existing positive qualities of the natural and human environment, including flora, fauna, the foreshore, the public and private land, the sea bead, waterways and the structures of historical significance.
  • work to ensure the environment enhances rather than damages natural systems.
  • where appropriate work to suport, oppose or amend development proposals which impact the natural or human environment.
  • continue the campaign to defend the foreshore – our initial objective.
  • cooperate or affiliate with other organisations with similar goals.


What MEA does:

  • Works with our friends groups to protect and increase indigenous vegetation.
  • Coordinates a local Clean Up Australia Day campaign.
  • Educates students and the public through restoration projects, monitoring nest boxes and encouraging awareness and participation.
  • Undertakes Waterwatch water quality monitoring in local creeks, waterways and the sea.
  • Promotes removal of rubbish from beaches, storm water drains and roads.
  • Supports the conservation of historic buildings and precincts.
  • Increases awareness through newsletters, local media, our website, letters to the Governments and friends groups.
  • Works with local community networks.
  • Represents members’ interests with the Shire and other government agencies.
  • Representation on Shire focus groups regarding Mornington harbour and surrounds to protect against environmental damage through infrastructure expansion.
  • Advocates on peninsula development proposals including State plans for vegetation, green wedge and fire protection.


Our affiliated friends groups are volunteers. Groups have monthly working bees which include plant propagation, seeding, planting and weeding followed by morning tea.