Tanti Creek Friends

MPSC Pre-Budget Submission – Phragmites Walk

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Working bees are held on the last Tuesday of every month from 9.30 am.
There are two main areas for volunteers to meet.
1. Stone’s Crossing bridge near the corner of Shandon Street and Herbert Street.
2. “The green paddock” at the bottom of Morell Street
Contact Marty Lenard on 0427 888 712 for information

Tanti Creek Friends currently have 2 grants from Melbourne Water to replant the creek banks. Floods from stormwater into the Creek have meant a lot of effort has to go into clearing flood debris brought down by the creek. Hardwood stakes are placed upstream of new plantings – which have to be water-tolerant – to collect some of this debris and many plants are surviving under tough conditions. Local residents are urged to contribute a few hours there the last Sunday of each month. Melbourne Water has also provided a support grant to MEA to assist with public liability insurance for all volunteers.

Link to report TCF Summary of Litter, Erosion, Siltation Threats to Creek Health

Wastewater Management Officer
The Mornington Peninsula Shire has a Management Officer to deal with issues of Waste Water which can end up in creeks such as Tanti Creek.
Wastewater Management Officer : Telephone number – 5950 1000.

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Tanti Creek working bee near Morell Street
Tanti Creek working bee near Morell Street
Tanti and Mills Working bee Nov 2011
Tanti and Mills Working bee Nov 2011