Latest on the Great Wall of Frankston

Latest on the Great Wall of Frankston


Jennifer Young


APR 15, 2023 — 

Stand Up! Speak up!  In June, Frankston Council will be deciding on its draft Structure Plan that would allow a wall of 12+ storey high rise towers at our waterfront. If adopted, overwhelming structures will permanently dominate the beachscape, block spectacular views of the bay, reduce the coastal amenity and forever change the qualities of our beaches and waterway. How fortunate are we, to be the only city centre around the bay, with two spectacular marine and coastal features right at our doorstep. These assets should be showcased.

The sensible plan is to graduate building heights upwards from a low starting point at the front line, helping to make our city a desirable place to live, work and play for everyone. Four of the nine councillors agree, along with over 3200 petitioners. We need just one more councillor to recognise that cutting off our natural assets from the city centre will have a devastating long-term outcome. Nature’s gifts must be protected and accessible to all, now and into the future.

Decision day is looming. Don’t delay. Have your say and take a few minutes to let councillors know your wishes before it is too late by emailing and copying

Thankyou for your ongoing support!

(Picture credit: Trisha Salamat)