Sign the petition to reduce single-use plastics

Sign the petition to reduce single-use plastics

From the Boomerang Alliance (17/4/24)…

Petition to to reduce single-use plastics

Did you know Australians generate more single-use plastics per capita than any other country in the world (bar Singapore)? That’s why the Boomerang Alliance and Australian Marine Conservation Society (AMCS) have joined forces to ask our supporters to sign our petition to reduce single-use plastics. We will be presenting this to the Commonwealth Environment Minister Tanya Plibersek next month.

We already have 20,000 names, our target is at least 30,000. The more the better. Can you help?

Sign our petition to cut plastic packaging by 20% by 2030 AND introduce a 30% reusable packaging target for 2030.

The Commonwealth Government is proposing new laws on packaging this year that will include a target of 70% of packaging needing to be composted or recycled. There will also be a target for recycled plastics in new packaging.

BUT nothing about reducing plastic or introducing reusables.

Please add your name to the petition. If you have already signed our petition, please pass this onto your friends, family and wider network. These new laws could be a game-changer but only if we also include plastic reductions and packaging reuse in the future solution.

Thank you for your support.

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