The June edition of Park Watch

The June edition of Park Watch

From Victoria National Parks Association (16/6/24)…

The June edition of Park Watch

Welcome to the June edition of Park Watch!
Meet the ‘milestones, duck ponds and legislative bunyips’ emerging from the end of native forest logging, unpack the endangered wildlife housing crisis, and get up to date with the latest in ‘loophole logging’.

Take a peek into the incredible former Holden Proving Ground in Western Port Woodlands, catch up with Glossy Black Cockatoos and check out the latest books on nature in Victoria.
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The articles include…

Parks for life!

Now is the perfect time to expand and improve our national park network explains Matt Ruchel, VNPA Executive Director.

Racing towards better biodiversity outcomes

There’s a bright future for the Western Port Woodlands, if the opportunity of purchasing the Holden Proving Ground is grasped.

Mowing the trees instead of the grass

Blake Nisbet, Nature Conservation Campaigner, on how forest fire management victoria is exacerbating a housing crisis for endangered wildlife.

A people’s grassland audit?

It’s time for a public accounting of MSA conservation areas, says Adrian Marshall, Grassy Plains Network Facilitator,
and more…

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