Webinar: Protecting our legacy trees

Webinar: Protecting our legacy trees


From The Victorian National Parks Association (5/3/24)…

Webinar: Protecting our legacy trees

We’re excited to invite you to our report launch webinar: Protecting our legacy trees.

Protecting our legacy trees | 6-7pm, Wednesday 27 March

Big old trees are some of the most vital habitat in Victoria’s forests. They tower like skyscrapers, alive with Greater Gliders, Yellow-tailed Black Cockatoos and Lace Monitors. But disasters, bushfires, land-clearing and inappropriate removal are cutting their lives short.

Protecting our living legacies is an evidenced report on how public land managers can better care for large, old, or hollow-bearing trees.

Come along to our webinar on how we can keep big, old, hollow-bearing trees in the forest and across our shared landscapes.

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