Clean-up Australia Day – March 2022

Clean-up Australia Day – March 2022

( Brian Burrows again coordinated the clean-up for MEA )

Clean Up Australia Day Mills Beach Foreshore Reserve 2022

About thirty volunteers turned up for our Clean Up Day at Mills, with some regulars going to the other site at Hunters Crossing on Tanti Creek. We were able to extend the clean up Red Bluff to Scouts and Shire Hall. Twelve bags of rubbish and recyclables were collected, including a lot of small bits and pieces which are often overlooked. Also collected were 22 face masks – a sign of the times and a growing problem.

Importantly, I have received feedback from several people who have expressed an interest in joining Friends of Mills Beach.

Additionally, another person who was unable to attend the Clean Up has expressed an interest in the Friends of Mill beach and MEA.

I will follow all this up and hopefully our working bees will begin having a bigger attendance.

Brian Burrows



Thanks to all the volunteers.