First Stage of Fishermans Jetty Rebuild is underway

First Stage of Fishermans Jetty Rebuild is underway

First Stage of Fishermans Jetty Rebuild is underway – the removal of the old jetty

Work has begun on the first stage of the rebuilding of Fishermans Jetty at Schnapper Point with the preparation being made for the removal the old jett.

From the Parks Victoria Webpage…

  • Planning is underway to rebuild Fishermans Jetty in Mornington Harbour
  • The jetty has reached the end of its service life and will be removed as a first step in the project, with removal commencing Mid-March 2024
  • Planning, design and assessments for the new jetty are underway
  • Construction on the new jetty will commence once all planning, approvals and procurement stages are complete.

This project is being delivered on Bunurong Sea Country

Fishermans Jetty is located in busy Mornington Harbour and has now reached the end of its service life. True to its name, the jetty is a popular spot for people to fish, as well as a welcoming destination for vessels to berth in the protected harbour. The jetty was originally built between 1880 and 1885 and has been replaced and repaired over the years. Since 2020 the jetty has been partially closed due to the increasingly poor condition of piles and structural elements.

Over the last ten years there has been significant investment in the replacement and upgrade of Mornington Pier and landside infrastructure, with further funding for the replacement of Mornington Fishermans Jetty committed in the 2022-23 Victorian Budget. To ensure the best outcome from this investment, a local port area plan has been developed. The plan proposes that replacing Fishermans Jetty will preserve the heritage values of the area. As well as ensuring that the harbour’s access channels continue to provide safe access for the vessels today, while catering for potential future operators, tourism and commercial needs.


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