How do I use air conditioning efficiently?

How do I use air conditioning efficiently?

From The Conversation (15/1/24), answers to something I’ve often wondered about…

How do I use air conditioning efficiently? Is it better to blast it briefly throughout the day, or just leave it on?

Despite so many people having air conditioning at home now, many are still unsure how to use it efficiently. And air conditioning uses a lot of energy. For example, running all the lights in an average home all day and night consumes about the same energy as one hour of air conditioning of the same space.

Many people think they can save money and energy by just blasting the air conditioning at a very low temperature, such as 17°C, for a short period of time to chill the room – before switching it off and enjoying the chilled air until another blast is needed later on. But it requires a lot of energy to get a room to a very chilly temperature.

While running it briefly and intermittently at a very cool temperature may feel thrifty, it won’t be the most energy efficient choice. Here’s what to do instead.

Using fans along with AC can help cool the room more.


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